CMS E-Mail Policy

For Staff and Students

This is to inform you that in the interest of smooth functioning of administrative processes, the eLearning Department has come up with the following email Policies for CMS Email ID:

  • Students and Staff Email IDs will be automatically created only when they exist in ERP.
  • Email IDs will be created on the basis of exactly how their names appear in ERP.
  • Emails will not be retained by either Staff or Students once they leave the school and their names are removed from ERP.
  • When a student transfers from one branch to another, their Email IDs will be deleted and they will be provided with a new Email ID upon admission in the new branch.
  • When a staff is transferred from 1 branch to another, they need to inform the eLearning Department regarding the same.
  • At the campus IT Assistants have the access to reset password for their campus staff and students. For Head Office please contact Elearning Department.

About us

CMS IT Portal was launched in December 2015 by the Development Team and managed by the CMS IT Portal Development team . Since then it has been used as a platform for automation of various processes across 18 CMS campuses from the Head Office.


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