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CMS has tied up with Globals Ites Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution by the name educube™ ERP in our organization. It has been customized to fulfill CMS’ requirement as an education industry enterprise. It completely caters to the functioning of our schools with respect to the student of all levels (pre-primary/primary/junior/senior) and staff data. It provides a common and easy to use interface with a common database for access by various users, according to their role and requirements. It changes tedious and repetitive processes in the schools to simple and efficient ones. This in turn helps in saving a lot of time and energy, leading to better performance of the staff and students. It has aligned the functions of the school to deliver a smooth workflow starting from a student’s admission/ staff induction, their attendance and performance, to student’s progress report and the staff remuneration generation.

The ERP Team

Mr. Sanjay Shukla

Head of ERP Department

ERP Services

CMS ERP system enables us to: Provide one-stop staff access. Allow staff to register, enroll, and collect the fee for a session through the portal. Simplify records management. With a single system for all your data needs—and a single digital record for each student—any department on campus can find the student information they need. Engage faculty. Give faculty the means to enter and update marks and daily attendance, and principals to have personalized access to timely, accurate, and branch-wide information. Manage resources. Manage staff (superior & menial), payrolls and processes. Strengthen decision-making. Track the branch performance to guide day-to-day operations, generate financial statements and various other reports for overview of the activities of the schools.

The ERP interface has been divided into several modules catering to various departments wise operations. The modules currently implemented are briefly described as follows.
Curriculum Module: The curriculum activities have been automated to help assign subjects to various classes (general) and also to students individually (elective/combinational). The subject teachers are also assigned for each subject and class.
Admission: Student coming for admission is registered from within this module.
User: Module enables us to keep the student and staff details and update them in case of any changes. Students and staff can be marked inactive if they leave the school and related reports. Master data report of student and staff can also be generated.
Attendance: Student and staff attendance can easily be updated on the system for each day of the month and reports can be viewed by the principals of various branches. SMS are sent to the parents of the students who are absent.
Fee: Fee bill and receipt generation and collection is also accomplished successfully by our ERP. Different fee categories and miscellaneous collections are broadly defined and can be assigned separately to each student. Various modes of payments are supported by the system and income statements are generated for the finance department every day. Similarly, general statements for the day is also generated and forwarded providing a class wise overview of the branch. To successfully mark register day, estimation charts and calculation charts are prepared for the month.
Performance Module: Teachers can enter marks of the students in their respective subjects in various unit tests and examinations. Taking a step forward, the student’s performance report too is auto-generated, reflecting the student’s attendance and his class wise performance.
Inventory: To keep a check on our inventory valuables, we have a dedicated module to track the purchases and the transfers of various items between different departments/ inventory locations.
Payroll: Remunerations for Superior and Menial staff are prepared taking into consideration the staff benefits awarded and the extra efforts in terms of time and days that have been put into their work. Separate reports are available for various salary structures and deductions. CL encashment report facilitates quick and accurate CL payments for the staff.
Notification: This module helps the principals to publish notifications for their branch on the ERP dashboard. It also facilitates sending across SMS to parents and staff for urgent notifications.
Message: This module can be used to send internal emails to the various users defined on ERP for the branch. Dashboard shows the Inbox listing the new/unread messages.
Notice Board: This module can be used to add notices for the various ERP users for the branch. Notice dashboard shows the notice and it can keep on showing for a period of time defined while adding it.
Front Office: This module can be used to maintain the visitor’s details to principal and office for the branch, it can also be used to keep a track of the couriers sent and received by the branch.

ERP Partners

educube™ ERP provided by Global ITes Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore is cloud optimised. The web based application enables us to access dashboards and real-time data from anywhere. Cloud computing helps to reduce the upfront costs incurred on software, hardware and upgrades by school. The integration of cloud computing technology to deliver ERP as a SaaS (Software as a Service) extensively supports us to manage and reduce the ongoing costs while maintaining the hardware with greater control. The automated updating of current and upcoming data is centralized branch-wise; therefore the probability of losing data is reduced significantly. ERP solution being cloud enabled is featured with a shared data center. With this, all departments of an institution combine to run on a single database, allowing the user from any department to quickly communicate and share information with others. This feature of not only saves time but also improves the efficiency of the school. Being cloud optimized allows greater productivity for the institution and generates a closer relationship between the management, administrators, teachers, students and parents and enables everyone to keep a track of their day to day activities even on the go.

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CMS IT Portal was launched in December 2015 by the Development Team and managed by the CMS IT Portal Development team . Since then it has been used as a platform for automation of various processes across 18 CMS campuses from the Head Office.


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