Fitzroy App


  • To develop an understanding that there is a relationship between the individual sounds and letters.
  • To help the children to blend sounds to make new words.
  • To help the children in segmenting words into component sounds.
  • To make the children familiar with enough vocabulary to be able to read.
  • To help the children recognize familiar words accurately and easily decode new words.
  • To help the children to be able to read independently.


  • The Fitzroy app uses a variety of teaching tools to guarantee both rapid and enjoyable reading progress in a child’s life.
  • The approach is practical, logical, step by step and easy to follow.
  • The Fitzroy app also helps the parents to learn the correct phonic sounds themselves and practice the same at home with their children.


  • Teachers model the pronunciation of letters by introducing the most common sound for each letter that occurs frequently.
  • Begin with a few sounds that are continuous (example /s/,/m/ and the vowel sounds) as they are easiest to blend.
  • As soon as the children understand letter sounds that blend into the words, it helps them to combine the same into new words.
  • Students are given frequent opportunities to practice and apply their developing knowledge through decodable texts.

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