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CMS Computer Films & Radio Division expands itself to serve CMS in various aspects. Starting from the maintenance & procurement of innumerable Computers & other Hardware, the maintenance of more than 800 Interactive White Boards, which are installed in all the CMS Branches, providing Internet Facility to all the branches of CMS including the Head Office, Organizing film festival every year & showcasing more than 300 films to more than 1 lac students from various schools pan Lucknow. The operations of this department include the making & editing of video and multimedia + audio (via audio studio), the entire coverage of all the events of CMS via videography & photography, maintaining & operating the auditorium at CMS, GomtiNagar Phase 2, not forgetting the LED & Sound System, which is provided by this department as & when desired by CMS. The Community Radio 90.4 FM is also operated & maintained by this department. Last but never the least, the ID Cards of all the CMS students & Staff Members are made by this department. Also this department maintains all the CCTV Cameras installed in all the branches of CMS including the Head Office.

Mr. V Kurian

Head of Computer, Multimedia, Radio & Films Department

Mr. Varghese Kurian started his journey with CMS in the year 1981 and has continued till date, as the HOD of the Computer & Films & Radio Division. He has given CMS more than 34 years of continuous & un-tiring services, looking forward every single day to improvise & excel himself, to serve CMS better. .


  1. Mr. R. K. Singh
  2. Mr S. M. I. Rizvi
  3. Mr Achal Tewari
  4. Mr Ahmad H. Shaikh
  5. Mr Neeraj Tewari
  6. Mrs Beena Krishna
  7. Mr Jacob Mathew
  8. Mr Cherian C
  9. Mr Prem C. Gupta
  10. Mr Koshy George
  11. Mr Avijit Guha
  12. Mrs Soma Ghosh
  13. Mr Ravindra Tripathi
  14. Mr Anuj Mishra
  15. Ms. Priyanka Dixit
  16. Ms Sobia Alam
  17. Mrs Keya B. Singh
  18. Mr Pradeep Dwivedi
  1. Mr Harsh Bawa
  2. Mr Prem N. Sharma
  3. Mr Madan S. Bisht
  4. Mr Shaishav Tiwari
  5. Mr Saranjit Singh
  6. Mrs Vanita Sharma
  7. Mr Noorul Hassan
  8. Ms Smriti Dhaon
  9. Mr Gurpreet Singh
  10. Mr Shiv Bhanu
  11. Mr Tarun Shukla
  12. Mr Manish Mahajan
  13. Mr Alok Raj Pande
  14. Mr Mahendra Singh
  15. Mr Manish Tewari
  16. Mr Ratan Shukla
  17. Mr Piyush Mishra
  18. Mr Ziauddin
  1. Mr Syed Abid Raza Jafri
  2. Ms Swamita V. Sharma
  3. Mr Sohan Lal Maurya
  4. Mr Narendra Prithvi
  5. Mr Sayam Rizvi
  6. Mr Upendra P. Singh
  7. Mr Rajesh Tripathi
  8. Mr Nandan S. Adhikari
  9. Mr Vijay Yadav
  10. Mr Kamlesh Maurya
  11. Mrs Maya Devi
  12. Mr Md Afsar
  13. Mr Shajar Rehman
  14. Mr Mohd Farhan
  15. Mr Nasir
  16. Mr Jai Prakash
  17. Ms Ria Ghosh
  18. Mr V. H. Venkatesh

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Phone No. 0522-2637078/0522-2637658

About us

CMS IT Portal was launched in December 2015 by the Development Team and managed by the CMS IT Portal Development team . Since then it has been used as a platform for automation of various processes across 18 CMS campuses from the Head Office.


3rd floor, New Head Office
City Montessori School
12, Station Road
Lucknow 226001

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