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Class 10BiologyThe Circulatory System Trainer, e-learning Department  
Class 10BiologyThe Circulatory System Trainer, e-learning Department  
Class 10BiologyStructure of Chromosomes,Cell Cycle and Cell Division Jyoti Rai, kanpur road  
Class 10BiologyEndocrine Glands-"The Producer of Chemical Messengers" trapti, Gomti Nagar I  
Class 10BiologyThe Excretory System(Elimination of Body Wastes Shreyas Srivastava Kumar, Rajajipuram I  
Class 10BiologyAbsorption By Roots-The Processes Involved Anju Venkatesh, Aliganj I  
Class 10BiologyThe Circulatory System Afroz Ahamed, Rajajipuram I  
Class 10Biologystructure of ear Narjis Raza, Rajendranagar I  
Class 10BiologyPhotosynthesis-Provider of Food For All Barkha Sinha, Mahanagar I  
Class 10BiologyThe Nervous System Saher Faisal, Aliganj I  

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