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Class 3Scienceenvironmental pollution Soma Chatterjee, Mahanagar  
Class 3Scienceenvironmental conservation Soma Chatterjee, Mahanagar  
Class 3ScienceMan-The Living Machine Asna Anees, Asharfabad  
Class 3ScienceGoing Into Space Shweta Tiwari, Anandnagar  
Class 3ScienceGoing Into Space Divya Bhagwani, kanpur road  
Class 3ScienceWater Divya Bhagwani, kanpur road  
Class 3ScienceSafety First Tanuja Chaturvedi, Aliganj I
Class 3ScienceLiving and Non-Living Priti Asthana, Station Road
Class 3ScienceLiving and Non-Living Aanchal Bhatia, Station Road
Class 3SciencePlants and Animals Sonam Sharma, Rajajipuram II

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