During the holiday period in January 2017, 2-day OER Workshop was organised by eLearning Department in collaboration with QAID which was conducted on 06th and 07th Jan, 2017 in two slots (0830-1100 hrs and 1200-1430 hrs) at CMS IT Training Centres.

About Workshop

Approximately 260 teachers participated in the workshop for Junior Section. Teachers from all 19 campuses attended this workshop for various subjects.

The focus of the workshop was to sensitize the teachers of the quality standards that is expected from them as they add OERs in the IT Portal.

During the session, subject experts from QAID gave the teachers live examples of published OERs and highlighted the aspects they need to keep in mind as they look for student-friendly content on the internet. the elearning trainers majorly dealt with the concept of OER, searching quality OER over the web, it’s pros and cons and guidelines as teachers share OER on the CMS IT Portal.

The sessions were tailored to assist them on how they can find appropriate content, using filters, keyword search, youtube.com/edu and simlulation tools as per the requitrement of their subject.

As per the feedback form, 178 out of 263 teachers reported that they had rarely used OER before whereas 47 teachers had never used OER. Almost all teachers felt that the topics were well explained and were adequately paced. They found it interactive and the hands-on part very useful. In their suggestions, they have asked for more such future trainings, at a more convenient time where they can practice adding links in OER. In a nutshell, the extended winter-break was well utilized by teachers by being a part of the workshop!

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