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 CampusNameEmail Id ( Sub Category
Aliganj IAarti Sharmaaarti.sharmaTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAashna Ahmedaashna.ahmedTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAbha Singhabha.singh1TeachingPre Primary
Aliganj IAditi Sharmaaditi.sharma1TeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAjai Kumar Shuklaajai.shuklaTeachingSenior
Aliganj IAJAY SEYMOURajay.seymourNon TeachingNA
Aliganj IAjay Kumar Vermaak.vermaNon TeachingNA
Aliganj IAkansha Srivastavaakanksha.srivastavaTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAkash Guptaakash.guptaTeachingSenior
Aliganj IAlka Singhalka.singh1TeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAnita Tiwaryanita.tiwaryNon TeachingNA
Aliganj IAnju Mishraanju.mishraTeachingJunior
Aliganj IAnju Singhanju.singh1TeachingJunior
Aliganj IAnju Venkateshanju.venkateshTeachingSenior
Aliganj IAnkita Pathakankita.pathakTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IANKUSH SHUKLAankush.shuklaNon TeachingNA
Aliganj IAnshil Tripathianshil.tripathiTeachingPre Primary
Aliganj IAnshul Mehrotraanshul.mehrotraNon TeachingNA
Aliganj IAnupama Mishraanupama.mishra1TeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAnuprerona Banerjeeanuprerona.banerjeeTeachingSenior
Aliganj IAnurag Danielanurag.danielTeachingPre Primary
Aliganj IAparna Dwivediaparna.dwivediTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IAparna Pandeyaparna.pandeyTeachingPrimary
Aliganj IApurv Gauravapurv.gauravTeachingJunior
Aliganj IArchana Agarwalarchana.agarwalTeachingJunior

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