IT Assistance

To ensure that technology is embedded and used well across the 19 campus, several support staff are appointed at Head Office and Campus to assist staff and students.


The Hardware and Multimedia Department has employed a team of efficient engineers to analyze, test and oversee the hardware faults reported across campuses to maintain fully functional systems in the campus and Head Office.


Every campus has a well-equipped computer lab/s which are used to teach students computer science, online activity and train teachers. Computer Lab Assistants are an extended team of the Computer Department that set up, maintain and manage computer labs and training centres for smooth delivery of teaching/training.

IT Assistants

To provide IT support across 19 CMS campuses, the e-Learning Department has a team of IT Assistants stationed at each campus. They play a major role in not only in carrying out campus IT Trainings but also maintenance of IT data, faults and ERP.


The eLearning Department appoints IT Trainers to conduct IT training for staff and students.


The eLearning Departmnet appoints Developers to create and manage this IT Portal.

About us

CMS IT Portal was launched in December 2015 by the Development Team and managed by the CMS IT Portal Development team . Since then it has been used as a platform for automation of various processes across 18 CMS campuses from the Head Office.


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